Modern Studio Shed in Lantana

Do you want to add extra living space to your Lantana, Florida home without breaking the bank? Do you need an area where you can entertain guests or house family members? No matter what the reason is, Hitching Post has the solution that you have been waiting for. The modern studio shed in Lantana, Florida comes with a host of modern amenities that you can find in any room in your house. All of our sheds can be fully customized in order to match the style of your home and backyard. 

A modern studio shed isn’t the normal shed you are probably used to seeing. You might be wondering exactly how a shed can be used to relax in, work in, or even entertain in. It’s simple. These aren’t the typical sheds that you may be picturing or grew up with in your backyard. The modern studio shed was designed to be used for more than just storing ladders and other lawn care equipment. These sheds have all of the features and amenities that allow this shed to be used as an additional room to your house. All of our modern sheds come standard with areas where you can install air conditioning units, electrical outlets, plumbing, and much more. Our modern studio shed in Lantana can be used for whatever you need!

This shed will enhance the appeal and value of your home. We are able to do this by allowing you to customize and change a number of different components on the shed to make it unique to you and your home. We handle the creation of all of our sheds which means we can do everything to check all of the different boxes you have. 


What is a Modern Studio Shed?

modern studio shed lantana

We’ve all heard of and seen a shed before, but not one that’s quite like this. The first thing you picture when you think of a shed is a small roofed structure that is used for additional storage or an area for a small workshop. We carry a number of different sheds that can be used for tasks like this, but the modern studio shed in Lantana is meant for much more. 

Modern studio sheds are meant to be placed in your backyard or sideyard area just like a typical shed would. That’s where the similarities end. While these sheds could be used to store equipment, it would be a waste of the potential that these sheds bring. Our modern studio shed is supposed to be customized and furnished in a way that makes it unique to you and your backyard space. All of our modern studio sheds come standard with areas where you can install a number of different popular utilities and appliances. Install full electrical equipment, plumbing, light fixtures, and much more to create a shed that you can use for anything. You could spend an entire day in here and forget that it’s a shed at all. 


A Modern Shed Created For Anything

The modern studio shed designed by Hitching Post was designed to be used for a number of different purposes and can withstand the weather of any season. The way you use this shed is completely in your control. If you’re wondering what you can do with this shed, some of the popular uses we’ve seen include art studios, podcasting stations, private work areas, or even an area to host guests.

We want you to have a shed that you fall in love with. That is why we allow you to customize each aspect of this shed so it’s perfectly suited for you and your home. Want to add a new pool house to your home? Don’t break the bank and place our studio shed right next to your pool area. This will provide you with a new area where you can play, swim, and relax in and out of the sun. Simply placing common household items in this shed can turn it into your own special space. 


Why Choose Hitching Post?

Hitching Post is here to handle the design, creation, and installation of your new modern studio shed in Lantana, Florida. Why? Because we have been serving all of Florida since 1979 and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We leave our customers happy. We do this by working with each of our customers one on one to ensure they have the exact shed they have been looking for. Working directly with you is what makes us able to produce sheds that our customers love and look forward to using each and every day. 

Hitching Post was founded in South Florida and continues to grow and operate here to this day. Since we’ve been here for a while, we know all about Florida’s unpredictable weather patterns. That is why we anchor each modern shed we install. Anchoring refers to the task of securing something to the ground so it isn’t blown away by harsh winds. Florida residents must deal with hurricanes each year, which is why some people may not want to have a shed installed in their backyard. Hitching Post understands this concern, which is why we take care of this with hurricane-level anchoring.

Hurricane-grade anchoring ensures that your shed will not move an inch when strong weather hits. Our anchoring can withstand winds of up to 170 mph (that’s the wind force of a category 5 hurricane) so you never have to worry about your shed disappearing in the middle of a storm.

You can count on Hitching Post to handle the job correctly, from building the shed to installing it in your backyard. All of our staff members are fully trained and certified for shed installation and maintenance. We want you to be happy with your modern studio shed in Lantana and our team will ensure it happens. 


Get a Modern Studio Shed in Lantana Today!

Hitching Post takes pride in the work it does which is why we know we can provide you with a modern studio shed in Lantana that you’ll love. We handle the entire process from start to finish, so you only have to deal with us from the moment you place an order to the moment it’s installed in your yard. If you’re interested in getting a new modern studio shed, visit our contact page or come and see our showroom in person so you can get a preview of what your new shed will look like!