Vinyl Playsets in Coral Springs

Are you beginning to notice that your kids are spending a bit too much time indoors playing on tablets or watching TV? Have you been searching for a fun and convenient way to get them outside and more active? Hitching Post is here to tell you all about the perfect solution. Our backyard vinyl playsets are a perfect way to encourage outdoor play and activities for you and your kids. Vinyl playsets in Coral Springs give your kids the freedom to run around, climb and swing with their friends while burning pent-up energy in the safety of your home’s backyard. Our playsets make for the perfect holiday or birthday gift since they can be continually added upon as your kids continue to grow older. We oftentimes waste an ample amount of money on gifts for our kids that they will only use or think about once or twice before it’s thrown aside for good. A vinyl playset is a gift that will be used for years as they continue to grow and they even come with a number of physical and mental benefits attached to them. 

Hitching Post has a large inventory of different vinyl playsets to choose from so you can find the perfect one for your kid, play area size, and budget. Thankfully, these playsets come in a number of different shapes and sizes, so you can always find one that works best for your home. Choose from a number of different playsets that come with different features such as swings, slides, stairs, and much more. We also offer financing options to get the playset you love. 

To get the best idea of which playset you love the most, come visit our in-person showroom where we have all of our different playsets on display.


What is a Vinyl Playset?

vinyl playsets in coral springs

Vinyl playsets, also commonly known as a playground, are small structures that come equipped with slides, swings, ladders, and other fun features that kids love to play on and around with. You’ll commonly see these playsets outside of pre-schools and elementary schools for recess and playtime. These playsets are created using vinyl, a durable and versatile plastic material. These playsets are known for their durability and longevity since the vinyl material is resistant to wear and tear and can withstand any outdoor elements. 

The vinyl material also makes cleaning these playsets easy and can be maintained with little effort. These are great low-maintenance options for parents and caregivers across Coral Springs. These playsets make for a fun and safe option for children to play with and explore. 

You never have to worry about a playset not fitting in your backyard area. These playsets come in a number of different shapes and sizes so they can fit into almost any backyard space that you have. Vinyl playsets in Coral Springs are one of the best ways to get kids outside and moving around. 

More than ever, we are seeing new pieces of technology emerge and kids love it. Kids will spend hours each day entertaining themselves for hours a day with different pieces of technology like phones, computers, and TVs. This takes away valuable time that your kids could be used outside with their friends moving around. That is why you need a way to keep them physically active and engaged. Adding a new backyard playground is a great way to ensure your kids stay active and make new friends and memories in the process. 


Kool Kid Shandy Vinyl Playsets in Coral Springs, Florida

If you are already thinking about getting a new vinyl playset in Coral Springs, Florida, you need to wait and hear all about the Kool Kid Shandy and the incredible amount of benefits that are attached to it. The Kool Kid Shandy is a Hitching Post exclusive and is the new best way to keep your kids safe from the sun while they are outside playing. 

The Kool Kid Shandy is created using a solar screen fabric that was specially designed to allow air, light, and wind through while keeping out harmful rays from the sun. These canopies will keep the play area under it 10 to 12 degrees cooler compared to areas around it. If you live in South Florida where the sun can supply abnormally high heat, then adding a Kool Kid Shandy will ensure your kid is kept cool and safe while playing. The ventilation and filtration that these canopies provide are something from which every playset in Coral Springs can benefit. 

Our Kool Kid Shandy Vinyl Playsets and Canopies are:

  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • HOA Accepted
  • Quick and Easy to Install 
  • Come in a Variety of Different Colors
  • Maintenance Free
  • Mold and Weather Resistant
  • 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


Benefits of Vinyl Playsets in Coral Springs, Florida

Vinyl playsets are an incredible choice for the kids in your family in Coral Springs. These playsets are made using durable vinyl plastic that is both long-lasting and easy to clean. They are also resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage making them a low-maintenance option for families with younger children. They also come in a number of different colors and styles so you can find the perfect match for your backyard. Vinyl playsets are also safe for children as they are created with rounded edges and non-toxic materials that meet all safety standards. 

Vinyl playsets in Coral Springs, Florida also come with a number of different mental and physical benefits for your children and friends as well. While it may seem like your kid and their friends are just running around and playing, there is actually a lot happening within their bodies. Just by moving around and exerting force, your kids are actually strengthening several different parts of their bodies. 

One of the most notable benefits is just the fact that your kids will be outside and interacting with others around them. Bonding and playing with other kids is a great way for your child to form lifelong friends and memories. Kids talking and playing with each other is a great way for them to figure out conflicts without the help of parents and take turns on certain areas of the playset. This can be extremely beneficial for kids’ early mental development. 

Vinyl playsets come with a number of different features for kids to play with. Climbing and swinging around will bring a great boost to your kid’s strength, agility, and endurance. Having to climb walls and ladders will present different challenges for your kid to overcome.

Kids will also get to use their imagination while playing which can increase fine motor skills as well as coordination and endurance. Even if your kid is playing alone on the playset, they’ll still be using their imagination to further grow their mental strength. 


Get a New Vinyl Playset in Coral Springs!

Hitching Post has been selling, servicing, and installing new vinyl playsets in Coral Springs for over 40 years now. All of our vinyl playsets are created with precision and high-quality materials that come with a 10-year warranty. Choosing a vinyl playset from Hitching Post also means that you can service your playset as your family grows. We handle the entire process from start to finish, so you only have to deal with us from the moment you place an order to the moment it’s installed in your yard. If you’re interested in getting a new vinyl playset, visit our contact page or come and see our showroom in person so you can get a preview of what your playset will look like!