5 Common Benefits of having a Detached Garage in Lakeworth

The Benefits of a Detached Garage

You don’t have to live in a house without a garage anymore. Are you tired of having to park your car outside or in the driveway? Then a garage may be just what you need. There are many benefits of getting one. This article will discuss five expected benefits of having a detached garage.

1. Add Value to Your Home

The first benefit of a garage is that it adds value to your home. A well-built and maintained garage will make an excellent addition for any Lakeworth residents who wish to sell their homes. If potential buyers get the impression that there is not much space, they will not feel inclined to purchase from them.

However, if the garage has been well built, with suitable floor materials, an airy feeling, and is well lit by natural light, it would give off positive signals about the rest of the area. A garage helps increase the overall appearance of your property.

2. Keep Your Car Safe

When people buy houses, cars like new ones are always wanted. This is why detached garages are mainly used to keep our vehicles safe. Having a garage to park your vehicle gives you peace of mind because your car is safely tucked away when you leave the driveway. The best feature of an attached garage is accessing it through the house’s main door.

However, a garage that can lock from outside is ideal as it limits access to trespassers and other unwanted visitors. Furthermore, with proper security measures installed on the inside, such as double locking doors, deadbolt locks, etc., you could even lock all the doors so that others cannot enter.

3. Reduce Noise From Outside

Garage doors are noisy. Even if garages are of soundproofed material, they still make some noise when opening and closing. Also, a garage door is heavy; therefore, moving it from point A to B makes a lot of noise.

4. Storage Room for All Kinds of Household Items

A garage is a great place to store items you do not necessarily intend to show off at the moment. Old clothes, shoes, boxes, and furniture – just a few things you might find yourself storing in a garage.

With enough space, you can even set up a bench to sit and relax while working on projects around the house. Remember that detached garages can double as a workshop where you can construct or repair items instead of taking time to go to the closest hardware shop.

5. Improve Safety and Security

A critical aspect of having a garage is safety and security. Parking in either your garage or front driveway is always preferable when driving to work or school every day. It means more accessible access to your property.

You can put a gate at the entrance of your garage, too. This way, you could limit unwanted access. Also, with a security system installed, you can monitor your belongings from afar. You can even use surveillance cameras to view suspicious activity outside your garage.


If you want to add value to your property, consider building a detached garage in Lakeworth, FL. Most importantly, a quality garage will improve the overall look of your home while also making it safer and more secure. For more details about our services, be sure to contact us today.