A Pergola Will Provide an Oasis for Boca Raton Backyard

Boca Raton homeowners truly know the great benefit a backyard can be for an aesthetically pleasing and functional gathering place. Adding a pergola will only add to that with visual appeal combined with functional space for entertaining or simply relaxing. Purchasing a professionally installed pergola will make your backyard the “go-to” spot for the entire family.


Below we will show you what the benefits of owning a pergola are and what you can do to turn them into architectural landscape. There are many options, including materials and styles to choose from. Our team of experts is ready and waiting to make your next home improvement project the most rewarding one.

A pergola will give you the perfect place for entertaining guests.

Our gorgeous South Florida tropical climate is reason alone to get outdoors. Having a pergola installed in your backyard will truly enhance that experience. They will extend your living space beyond the house, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Your guests will be encouraged to go outside where you can show off your green thumb.


Even with limited space, a pergola can be enjoyed by having one installed on your deck or patio. They also provide a spot where you can safely install a fan or add some speakers. They can be the “Control center” for your next holiday barbeque.

Enjoy the shade on the sunniest of days with a properly placed pergola.

Pergolas are designed so that the slats on the roof are angled. This simple feature protects you from the harsh rays hitting your Boca Raton backyard while still allowing soft light to penetrate. You can still enjoy the beauty of the outdoors by having a cooler spot to sit and relax. If placed and aligned in the right spot, your pergola can cast enough light shade during the sunniest times of the day. This allows for all-day enjoyment and comfort while in your backyard.


One of the added benefits that have made pergolas a popular choice for centuries is that you can add additional landscaping features to enhance the shade. Planting creepers to climb up the posts and enlace the structure is a beautiful and functional design element. Including reeds or bamboo in the roof structure is also a popular choice for South Florida residents. You can add weather-proof fabrics to create a modern look to match your home’s current design.

Choose the right material for your pergola to suit your needs.

Our experts have determined that wood and vinyl are the two best options when making a pergola. You can beat the Boca Raton heat while adding a touch of class with either material. There are different advantages to using either and we can help you decide to ensure you will appreciate it for years to come.


A vinyl pergola is lower maintenance and has a few added advantages. You won’t need to worry about the color fading since the color is built into the material, Fading and chipping are also not an issue for this modern, durable material. Wood on the other hand will help your pergola become part of the landscape. This natural material adds an aesthetic that cannot be reproduced. Our cedar pergolas are great sellers that can enhance the beauty and value of your home.

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