Bring the Playground to You with Backyard Playsets

For kids, there is nothing more enjoyable than spending a few hours at the park – except, perhaps, going to the movies. With the scare of Covid-19 and the new variants creeping out of the woodworks, some parents may have reservations about taking their kids to a public park. At Hitching Post, we understand your concerns, which is why we are presenting cautious parents with a safer solution. Bring the playground to your backyard. With our supply of top-of-the-line vinyl and wood playsets, your kids won’t miss the playground. 

Now comes the question, will my children be safe on a custom-built playground in our backyard? This is a very important question to ask and the answer really depends on the type of material you buy and the supplier you are buying from. The material for most backyard playgrounds is made of either metal or wood. At Hitching Post, we prefer wood, which is why you will find a full collection of wood playsets, as well as vinyl when shopping with us. 

There are many reasons parents prefer wood to other materials. It is completely natural, which means it’s better for the environment. It does not take hundreds of years to degrade like other materials. If you want to teach your children the importance of reducing their carbon footprint, this is the way to go. 

Again, because it is natural, it blends seamlessly with the natural surroundings of your backyard. Aesthetics isn’t a criterion when thinking of the safety of materials, but let’s be honest. Nobody wants a playset that isn’t easy on the eyes. Most wooden playsets are pressure treated to prevent premature rotting. It also keeps the structure safer for your children to play on. With premature rotting out of the way, you can count on wood to be a long-lasting material that can endure the harsh environment better than other materials. As a result, the natural, aesthetically pleasing appearance of your child’s wooden playset will last for many years. 

Unlike metal, wood stays cool even in the hottest temperatures. When metal heats up, it can become so uncomfortable for kids that they may release a monkey bar, fall, and potentially injure themselves. 

Installation Matters 

When safety is a concern, knowing that the playset is installed correctly is also a concern. One of the benefits of going to a public playground is you know the structure has passed various inspections to prevent safety issues and other hazards. When parents install the equipment themselves, they have only their skill set to rely on. Can you guarantee that it is built correctly and meets the building codes within your area?

Unless you have experience in this area, we don’t recommend installing the playset on your own. Just one exposed bolt or loose hook can put your child’s life in harm’s way. We think that’s too great a risk. If you do, too, let our professional team handle all phases of the installation process.

Our staff advocates for safety and quality in the outdoor structures that are built and installed in Florida. We work with engineers and customers to ensure that the addition to your home or backyard is of the highest quality and will last for many years. We have the expertise to install it correctly, prevent safety hazards, and ensure it is being built on the right type of surface. These things matter to us for the same reasons they matter to you. At Hitching Post, we genuinely care about the safety of our customers. 

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When you have reservations about taking your children to the park, bring the park to you. We carry a full inventory of playsets and playgrounds made with durable, high-quality products and installed by a professional team that adheres to strict building codes. For over 40 years, we have been South Florida’s choice for backyard needs. For safe wood playsets in Delray Beach, contact Hitching Post or call (561) 499-0077 or visit our large outdoor showroom.

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