How Do You Make A Custom Built Swing Set from Scratch

Swing sets are something all children enjoy. We have fond memories of our times and experiences with them and want to pass this on to our children. 

One of the easiest ways to build a custom built swing sets is to follow some simple steps to create the perfect one in a few hours. Here is how you can create your custom built swing sets in an afternoon. 

Attach the Brackets

You want to install the metal brackets on the 4×4 beams. Place the bracket in place and drill out ¼-inch holes. 

Next, use a ½ socket or wrench and install the lag bolts. You can use a socket adaptor on your drill to make things easier and get a tighter fit of the lag bolts. 

Install the Swing Hangers

The first thing you want to do is measure out 5 feet on the beam from the end of the 4×4. After this, you want to measure 16 inches on either side of the 5 feet for the swing attachments. 

If you plan on having more than one swing, be sure and leave a space of 18 inches. Then, mark out another 16 inches for the next swing.

Use a ¼-inch drill bit to drill out the holes and an adjustable wrench to install the hangers. 

Install the Legs

Set the beam on the ground and place the 8-foot 4×4s into the metal brackets. 

Drill ¼-inch holes 3 inches deep and use a ½ wrench to install 16 lag bolts. 

Placing the Frame

Next, you want to find a level piece of ground and stand up the frame. An area of 20×18 feet is perfect. 

You want to have 6 feet clear to the front and back to ensure easy movement around the swing set. 

We recommend having two adults lift the frame and put it into place. 

The Safety Shanks

The safety shanks will keep the swing set in place. The best approach is to start with a ¼-inch drill bit and drill a hole two inches deep for each leg. You want to keep the hole center to create maximum stability. 

Next, you want to thread in 5/16 x 2 ½ inch screw eyes. You should place the J-bolt into the screw eyes to make it easier to spin the threads. 

After this, you want to hammer the 12-inch J-bolts into the ground through the screw eye. 

Get the Perfect Custom built Swing Sets for Your Home Today!

These are some things you can do to install custom built swing sets. Contact us today and let us show you how we can help. We specialize in everything outdoors and will give you the perfect swing set for your home. 

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