How to Maintain Your Kid’s Wood Playset So That It Lasts for Years

Wood Playsets can be the highlight of your kids’ childhood and something they remember fondly for many years to come. A wood playset also has a certain charm that a plastic or vinyl playset just doesn’t recreate. Although wooden sets are well designed and can last for many years, they need to be properly maintained and are not as easy to look after a plastic or vinyl playsets. 

Let’s take a look at how you can properly maintain your kids’ wood playset so that it lasts for many years and can be used by all of the kids in the family as they grow older. 

Keep the Playset Clean 

The first thing you need to do to keep your wood playset well maintained is clean it regularly. Wood can be especially sensitive when kept outdoors, and there is the risk of mildew growing if the playset is not kept clean. You can use some soap and water to scrub down the entire set or a garden hose to hose it down every few days. You could even use a power washer for faster and more efficient cleaning, but make sure that the pressure is not too high to avoid damaging the set. 

Check Regularly for Breaks or Splinters

It is good to do regular inspections of the playset to ensure it is free from breaks, splinters, or cracks in the wood. If the playset gets used quite a lot and you aren’t always there to watch the kids while they play, you want to be sure that your kids are safe. If you find any splinters, trim them off and sand the wood down to smooth. Damaged wood should be replaced so that it does not affect the structural integrity of the playset. If there are any cracks or holes in the wood, you can use wood putty to fill them in. 

Stain and Sealant Goes a Long Way

Wooden playsets need to be stained and sealed quite often due to being outside and vulnerable to different weather conditions. The rain, wind, cold, and sun can all affect the quality of the wood and how quickly it becomes worn out. Typically, you should restain the playset every other year and reseal it every year. This helps in making the playset water-resistant and in weatherproofing it. With the added layer of protection from the elements, your wood playset is likely to last you many years. 

Replace Old and Rusted Hardware 

Over time and with a lot of use, the parts of the playset that absorb the most shock may begin to loosen up. Hardware like screws, nuts, bolts, and chains can become old and rusted. This is a huge safety hazard as it can cause the playset to collapse, and there is the risk of rusty surfaces harming your kids. Check all of the hardware on the playset often, and be sure to tighten any screws and replace old and rusted hardware on time. This way, the playset will be more structurally sound and last many years despite the weather conditions. 

Disassemble and Store Away During Winter 

The temperature changes can cause wood to expand and contract and become warped over time. So, if you think the winter will be harsh and your kids aren’t going to be using their playset when it is cold out, it would be a good idea to disassemble the playset and store it away. If the playset cannot be easily disassembled or you don’t have any space to store it in, you can cover it up with a thick tarp and tape off the sides to protect it from the cold. 

Keep an Eye on Weight Restrictions 

Lastly, it would help if you had a general idea of the weight restrictions of the playset. If you have older kids exceeding the weight limit, make them understand that they should not be playing on the playset anymore and have outgrown it. Excessive weight can cause the playset to become worn out and can cause it to collapse. 

Our Final Thoughts

A good quality wood playset, when properly maintained, is going to be your kids’ favorite thing for many years. If you’re looking for wood playsets in Delray Beach or the surrounding areas, Hitching Post Backyard Specialties is the place to find them. Check out their whole range at