It’s the Best Time to Build a Kool Kid Shady Playset!

The summer is almost here in Delray Beach, FL, which means your kids will be outside enjoying the warm weather in no time! What better way to offer them fun with their friends than building a Kool Kid Shady playset? Discover what makes this playground the perfect option for your loved ones.  

High-Quality Materials 

When shopping for a playset, you probably consider safety a top priority. The Kool Kid Shady playset uses only the highest quality materials to ensure your children are always protected. The frame utilizes mill-finished aluminum, which will give the set structural integrity for many years to come. All of the materials on the playset are weather-resistant. The structure will not rust or bend due to rain or other conditions. You will not notice mildew growth on the equipment either, which will protect your children from fungal infections and allergic reactions. Finally, the Kool Kid Shady equipment is lightweight and user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to put together their custom kit.  

Kool Kid Shady Canopy 

 Every Kool Kid Shady playset keeps your children safe from the harmful rays of the sun. The canopy is made of lightweight sports equipment that absorbs UV radiation, protecting your children from sunburn. The shade absorbs up to 98% of the UV rays from the ozone layer. This type of radiation causes the most medical issues in the future, including skin cancer. Move this canopy where you need it with ease to ensure your kids get the most protection throughout the hottest parts of the day.  

The playground equipment will stay cooler throughout the day to prevent surface burns. It may still be best to encourage your loved ones to avoid touching the metal during the hottest parts of the day. The Ray-Filtration system keeps the temperature 10 to 15 degrees cooler under the shade. Your children will have a fun-filled experience no matter when they choose to go outside.  

 The sporty fabric on the Sunsure screen lets the breeze pass through to keep your child and the equipment cool. It also allows light to continue illuminating the playset. Your child will not run into anything due as long as there’s still daylight outside.  


Customize Your Playset 

Kool Kid Shady playsets are fully customizable. There are several options to choose from, including the size of your equipment and the features included. You can choose the vinyl and trim colors to start. After, select the type of tower you want, including a slide, a ladder of some form, and a deck. You can later change the climbing mechanisms if needed. Finally, adjust the swing set and the roof you want on your playset.  

The Kool Kid Shady playset will keep your children safe all summer in Delray Beach, FL. Add the sunshade to protect your children from the sun on the brightest and hottest days. Customize this ultra-durable playset to your liking, choosing the features you want to include. Finally, wait for your customary playground to arrive from Hitching Post.  

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