Should I Install Turf Under a Playset?

Should I Install Turf Under a Playset?

A new playset is something that your kids will love and play with for years and years to come. It’s essential to ensure that while your kid is playing, they are as safe as they can possibly be. Before installing a new playset in your backyard, you should ensure that the surface area below the playset is safe for your child. There are a number of different surface materials that you can install to keep your kid safe. These include sand, mulch, rubber, and wood fiber, but Hitching Post recommends artificial turf as the safest and best-looking surface material to install under a playset. 

Artificial turf is a robust yet safe material that will last for years to come. To help you get the best idea of why turf is the best material, we put together a full guide for why you have it installed with our new playset. 


What Makes Artificial Turf The Playset Flooring?

Artificial turf or synthetic grass is created using synthetic, grass-like fibers that mimic the natural look and feel of real grass. This makes for a natural grass playset surface without having to deal with all of the maintenance that natural grass comes with. The fibers are often created using polypropylene or polyethylene and consist of multiple layers, a backing, a cushioning, drainage layers, and infill. This makes for an incredible surface material that can break falls and reduce the chances of serious injuries should a child fall from the playset. 


Safety of Turf Under a New Playset

The largest advantage that comes with artificial turf is the level of fall protection that it achieves. When installed with the proper padding infill, synthetic turf meets the American Standard Testing Methods (ASTM) standards and can provide excellent shock absorption. This is extremely important for kids that play on playsets as they can accidentally fall at any given time playing. Artificial turf that has a thickness of 2.1 – 3.1” can achieve a fall height safety factor of 5 feet! This is the minimum recommended thickness for playsets as it can prevent a serious injury from occurring. 


Costs of Artificial Turf

The long-term cost of artificial turf is relatively low when factoring in the different charges and maintenance costs that come with other options. Since artificial turf will last for multiple years, the three to five-year costs associated with maintaining natural grass and soil exceed the installation’s high price. Natural grass requires a number of different things in order to stay healthy and green. Mowing, watering, fertilizing, and patching are just some of the different things you need to worry about when you have real grass. Artificial turf removes the need for all of this and will save you time and money in the long run. 


Quality of Artificial Turf as a Playset Surface

When you compare the amount of time and maintenance artificial turf requires compared to natural grass, you’ll immediately notice that turf requires nowhere near the same level of maintenance that real grass does. The only real requirement that comes from turf is to occasionally rinse the turf off after its been used by pets as it can ruin the color of your turf. The water also drains through the bottom of the turf so you don’t need to worry about puddles. Since there is no dirt or soil on the turf, you no longer need to worry about muddy messes. 


Get Your New Turf and Playset From Hitching Post

If you are looking for a new playset and turf for your child, then the Hitching Post has you covered. We have a large selection of playsets to choose from and turf to match. We are your one-stop shop for backyard entertainment! Visit our contact page today if you have any questions or come visit our store in person to come to see everything we have in person. 

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