The Modern Studio Shed

You might see worn old backyard sheds used to house the lawnmower, rusty old tools, furniture that isn’t being used, and incomplete projects from years ago. This is a huge waste of a perfectly good space in your backyard. It’s time to say goodbye to the broken old shed that isn’t being used to its full potential and hello to an all-new Modern Studio Shed that can serve you multiple purposes.   

What Is a Studio Shed?  

A studio shed is much like a regular backyard shed, but with the specific purpose of time being spent in that space. A regular shed acts as more of a storage space or a space where you can keep gardening and backyard equipment. Backyard sheds are usually not connected to electricity, heating, and cooling and do not usually have furniture or entertainment.  

A studio shed is more like an extension of your home and acts as a smaller extra room. Some people like to use studio sheds to work on their passion projects or transform the space into a home office or a guest bedroom. Others may like the shed to act as a separate living room where they can spend some alone time relaxing, watching some TV, or playing a video game.  

A modern studio shed can have an electric connection, heating, and cooling for the different seasons. It acts as a separate detached room from your house for all intents and purposes.    

How You Can Customize a Studio Shed 

As a space that you might spend a lot of time in, it would be ideal for customizing your studio shed to meet all of your needs and match your personal style. Additionally, you would want the studio shed to look and feel like the rest of your house. It might be a detached structure, but it shouldn’t stand out like a sore thumb.  

There are many options to consider when customizing your modern studio shed. You can choose how many doors and windows you want, the style of the roof, different door styles and window styles, roof colors, siding colors, and trim colors. You can also customize the inside of the shed with paint and furniture. Whether you put in a desk and an office computer or a cozy sofa and a big TV, you can make the shed look and feel like a good fit for you.   

Adding a Detached Outdoor Structure Vs. an Attached Home Extension  

If you need more living space in your home, a detached studio shed can be better than an attached home extension. This is because adding on a home extension presents several problems. First, the costs would be significantly higher. A home extension would also require a lot of time and mess and disruption in the rest of your home while the construction is being done.  

As for a studio shed, you can order or buy one that will just need to be assembled once it arrives on your property. This means a lot less time is wasted, reduced noise, and less disturbance takes place. Studio sheds are also usually small enough that do not require any building permits or special licensing. Another benefit of a studio shed over a home extension is that you do not have to worry about extending your home’s foundation, which can sometimes be a long and troublesome process.  

Hitching Post Backyard Specialties  

If you’re looking for a custom-made Modern Studio Shed in Port Salerno, FL, or the surrounding areas, Hitching Post Backyard Specialties is where to find them. Create a custom outdoor space for yourself to enjoy some time alone with one of our custom-built studio sheds. We have an array of custom shed options to help turn your backyard plans and dreams into a reality. 

We have been providing outdoor structures in Florida since 1979 and carry an entire collection of wood playsets, vinyl playsets, custom backyard sheds, back patio pergolas, custom backyard pavilions, gazebos, and much more.  

For more information contact Hitching Post or call us at (561) 725-5193 with any questions or concerns.